KaTe AWS Adapter for SAP PO now also supports GraphQL (AWS Appsync) ​

With the latest release 1.0.17 the AWS Adapter for SAP PO

now includes the AWS Appsync service.

With AWS Appsync, AWS resources (such as DynamoDB) can be made available as GraphQL APIs. A GraphQL custom query language is used to call GraphQL APIs, as well as JSON as the response format.

The KaTe AWS Adapter allows you to access such GraphQL APIs from SAP PO with query or mutation operations without leaving the XML centric design tools of SAP PO.

For this purpose, the adapter provides a generator that generates the corresponding XML schemas for import into the SAP PO ESR for GraphQL schemas. At runtime, the XML messages are translated into GraphQL queries and the GraphQL responses back into XML.

The adapter supports all common Appsync authentication methods such as AWS Api key, IAM Sigv4 authentication, as well as 3rd party API keys (such as: for MongoDB Realm or similar).

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