GraphQL Adapter for SAP PO

GraphQL is a query language for selecting structured data, which is increasingly used for APIs.

With GraphQL, a client can select the fields and entities he needs for his use case based on a defined schema. This is one of the main differences to “tranditional” APIs, where the maximum set of fields must always be defined regardless of the client’s usage.

The GraphQL Adapter for SAP PO allows you to call popular SaaS or self-hosted GraphQL services from SAP PO without much development effort.

The adapter uses a generator to conveniently create the counterpart as PO internal WSDL from a GraphQL schema. The PO developer can therefore safely and easily consume GraphQL services using the usual development methodology.

Our current version of the adapter supports:

  • Calling GraphQL services of any type as a receiver channel.
  • Common authentication methods such as API key, AWS IAM and Basic Authentication
  • Generation of XML schemas for GraphQL schemas

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