Adapter for SAP PI/PO

gRPC Adapter for SAP PO

gRPC (Google Remote Procedure Call) is a high-performance, open-source framework that allows for efficient communication between different applications or services. While gRPC itself is not specific to SAP, it can be used within the SAP landscape to enable efficient and scalable communication between SAP systems or between SAP and non-SAP systems.

The gRPC Adapter for SAP PO allows you to call & publish gRPC services  from SAP PO without much development effort. The adapter uses a generator to conveniently create the counterpart as PO internal WSDL from a gRPC definition. The PO developer can therefore safely and easily consume gRPC services using the usual development methodology.

Our current version of the adapter supports:

  • Calling gRPC services as a receiver channel.
  • Publishing gRPC services as sender channel for synchronous best effort, or asynchronous (exactly once/exactly once in order) processing
  • Common authentication methods such as mTLS or API key,
  • Generation of XML schemas for gRPC definitions

KaTe gRPC Adapter

KaTe gRPC Integration Adapter is used to interconnect critical systems e.g. in banking and finance, telecommunications, industry, internet and cloud computing, and many other market segments.

The advantages of the KaTe gRPC adapter
  • Microservices Architecture

    gRPC is well-suited for implementing microservices architectures, which are increasingly popular in modern application development. SAP applications can be broken down into smaller, independent services that communicate with each other using gRPC. This enables flexibility, scalability, and loose coupling between different components of the SAP landscape.

  • Integration cost reduction

    SAP landscapes often include a variety of non-SAP systems, such as external databases, messaging systems, or third-party applications. gRPC can be used to establish communication channels between SAP and these external systems, allowing for efficient data exchange and integration.

  • Cloud native development

    SAP landscapes are evolving to embrace cloud-native development principles, where applications are designed to run in containers and leverage cloud platforms. gRPC fits well in this context, as it provides lightweight and efficient communication between microservices running in containers or across different cloud environments.

  • Performance and Efficiency

    gRPC uses the HTTP/2 protocol and binary serialization, which results in efficient and high-performance communication. This can be beneficial in scenarios where low latency and high throughput are crucial, such as real-time analytics, high-volume data processing, or IoT applications within the SAP landscape.