Azure Adapter for SAP PO

Azure cloud has recently become the new option for many companies for “pay as you go” implementation of new IT services with low operational costs.

IT solutions can be created “on demand” much faster and without large infrastructure investments. Serverless computing opens the doors for new innovations and real-time interaction with customers.

The challenge for many IT departments is now to quickly, securely and easily integrate existing master and transactional data (such as in SAP ERP) into house with the Azure Cloud.

Our adapter enables such connections for existing SAP landscapes with the most commonly used storage and messaging services on the Azure platform with SAP PO.

With our new Azure Adapter you can:

  • Send and receive messages from azure service bus queues and topics.
  • Send and receive messages from a storage queue
  • Store files and receive / delete files from a file storage queue
  • Store blobs and receive / delete blobs from Azure blob storage

Furthermore, our adapter has additional features that are common in the hybrid integration world, such as support for JSON / XML transformation and all necessary security mechanisms. These are easily configurable.

Our adapter runs on any SAP PI system from 7.1 to SAP PO 7.5.

Die Vorteile des Azure Adapters für SAP PO

  • Send and receive messages

    Send and receive messages from Azure service bus queues and topics and Azure storage queues.

  • File

    Store files on or read/delete from Azure File Storage and store blobs on or read/delete from Azure Blob Storage.

Pay what you use

All of our adapters are subscription licensed, which simplifies use at the project level or in limited use cases.

30 days trial

All our adapters are available for a 30-day trial period.

Verified SAP Partner

All our adapters are developed in close cooperation with SAP and our verified SAP experts.

On site or remote

We perform services both remotely and directly at your location, according to your requirements. Based on daily experience, we are happy to support you in any SAP Basis related issues. Our SAP Basis consultants are highly trained and have many years of experience.
We provide you with fast, competent and flexible support, even in the event of internal capacity constraints such as illness, vacation, increased project workload etc.

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