Adapter for SAP PI/PO

GCP Adapter for SAP PO

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Adapter for PO enables you to connect your SAP landscape with services on the Google Cloud.

The adapter handles authentication and GCP specific API calls via GRPC and HTTPs and supports the 2 most common Google services for data transfer  (Google Pub Sub and Google Cloud Storage).

Our current version of the adapter supports:

  • Publishing of  PO messages as Google pub/sub messages
  • Subscribing of  Google pub/sub messages as PO messages from 1..n topics
  • Create/read/update and delete Google Cloud Storage objects
  • Reading and deleting / reading and archiving of Google Cloud Storage objects with transmitter channels too generate SAP PO messages 
  • Subscribing of  Google Cloud Storage events to recognize and process status changes on objects in real-time. 
  • Payload transformation between XML and JSON
  • Common security options such as the use of SSL and Google Service Account Credentials (IAM). as well as use of proxies in the corporate network for the Google Cloud connection.

The adapter works entirely with SAP PO on-board, therefore configuration or monitoring tools do not require any external certificate management tools.