Adapter for SAP PI/PO

AWS Adapter for SAP PI/PO

The AWS Adapter for SAP PO enables you to connect the most important AWS APIs with your SAP system landscape.

We also offer the same adapter for SAP CPI. By that the compatible path forward to SAP BTP is fully supported.

Our current version of the adapter supports:

Additionally, our adapter allows the transformation from XML to JSON and JSON to XML. We are currently working on other AWS features.

Detailed features:

  • Calling AWS Lambda functions (synchronous & asynchronous) from SAP PO
  • Receive SQS messages with cost-efficient long polling.
  • Sending and receiving SQS and SNS messages with payloads larger than 256 kB.
  • Reading and writing of all message “Properties” in SQS and SNS, as well as End2End FiFo (first in first out) ordering
  • Send RAW and receiver optimized SNS messages to a large number of different recipients such as AWS Lambda, HTTP(s), email, SMS recipients and smartphones.
  • Support for XML, JSON or other payloads
  • Saving, reading and deleting data on S3
  • Subscribing to S3 event notifications for detecting new, modified, lost (RRS/Onezone), or deleted S3 objects.
  • Use S3 transfer features for huge up and download of files
  • Support for all storage and encryption variants and lifecycle options in AWS S3
  • Subscribe and publish AWS Eventbridge events from SAP PO with all supported or self-defined event types (on the generic or custom event bus, such as: from third-party SaaS providers).
  • Subscribe and publish AWS Cloudwatch events from SAP PO with all available or custom event types.
  • Subscribe to DynamoDB Stream Events
  • Create / Read / Update /Delete /Scan or Query Dynamo DB tables
  • Publish and Subscribe events to AWS Kinesis Data Streams or AWS Kinesis Data Firehose as XML or JSON
  • Invoke GraphQL Appsync or ApiGateway OpenAPI services with generated simple ESR XML structures