KaTe – SAP Basis Specialists

About KaTe

KaTe GmbH was founded in February 2008 in Stuttgart.

Our focus is on the full-scale management of complex SAP system landscapes. Our core competence is the subject of SAP Basis. Together, we have accumulated decades of experience as SAP Basis Experts. We are a certified SAP Partner and SAP Special Expertise Partner.

Our Commitment is the Key to Success

Our employees think in SAP. We can already say with great certainty that our certified SAP Basis consultants and project managers, perform their duties with great pride. And this commitment is really appreciated by our customers. It is no coincidence that we were able to provide our services in recent years to known carmakers, machine builders and leading medium-sized companies. KaTe has been rewarded with long-standing relationships. Our clients regard us in their business almost as “their work colleagues”. With the difference that we are present when you need us.