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We are specialized in taking over SAP Basis services  and cover all relevant technologies and topics.

Working with KaTe is always a win-win situation. KaTe always relieves or supports your IT organization with the required resources.

On site or remote

We perform services both remotely and directly at your location, according to your requirements. Based on daily experience, we are happy to support you in any SAP Basis related issues. Our SAP Basis consultants are highly trained and have many years of experience.
We provide you with fast, competent and flexible support, even in the event of internal capacity constraints such as illness, vacation, increased project workload etc.

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SAP Technology Consulting
We see a lot.

Our consultants have accumulated an immense accumulation of experience through a multitude of customer projects. Constantly changing customer requirements make it necessary for us to develop and implement tailor-made solution strategies again and again. We are happy to share our experience with you when designing your SAP project. Benefit from our know-how and our implementation competence.

SAP Support Package Stacks
The import of SAP Support Packages requires an analysis of the OSS notes provided by SAP in order to address potential error situations at an early stage. We are happy to take over this work for you.
We import the Support Packages for you at times of low load – even on weekends.

SAP Enhancement Packages
The installation of an SAP Enhancement Package is comparable to the installation of an SAP Support Package stack. In addition, depending on the enhancement package release, the version of the SAP NetWeaver stack may be raised.

With the SAP Enhancement Package 8 only the Unicode character set is supported. If it is necessary to change your character set from non-Unicode to Unicode, we will work the necessary data migration into the overall process.

We offer to accompany your release planning at an early stage in order to enrich it with our wealth of experience.

SAP system copies

Regular rebuilds of data sets in SAP instances are part of the job of every SAP Basis department. There are usually customer-specific schedules for the execution. Nevertheless, our experience shows that both the time required for the SAP system copy and the implementation quality involve potential for conflict with the specialist teams. We take over the complex process of creating precise copies of your SAP systems, whether for test environments, training purposes or disaster recovery.

SAP Installation

We are happy to install any SAP product system for you. No matter if they are based on SAP NetWeaver ABAP or SAP NetWeaver JAVA. We are not limited to certain operating systems or database manufacturers.

If you wish, we can include database exports in the installation procedure, for example to create a sandbox system from an image of the production system.

We coordinate the necessary technical follow-up work with you and implement it completely.

SAP Release Change

During the implementation of your SAP release change project we accompany you from the first rough planning to the last rework. Based on many successfully completed release change projects and our many years of SAP know-how, we can guarantee you a cost-effective and scheduled implementation.

Depending on your needs, you can rely on the following components within the scope of a release change project:

  • Conducting a technical workshop to determine the target release
  • Verification of the planned target system landscape
  • Creation of a rough concept
  • Verification of the prerequisites for a parallel changeover to Unicode
  • Creation of the detailed technical concept and cutover plans
  • Creation of sandbox systems
  • Implementation of the technical release change
  • Support in the context of a hypercare phase following the migration

No project is like the other!

Do you need support in a new or ongoing project? Take advantage of the experience we have gained from a wide variety of projects during our many years of existence.
In addition to the technical SAP Basis know-how, the BasisTeam also offers you
Best Practices and Know-How from SAP Basis projects in further areas like:

  •  Transition of SAP environments or data centers
  •  Moving systems to other locations or to other providers
  • Creation of concepts for migration or operation
  • Project management and organization
  • and much more

Our claim is that we pass on our knowledge and enrich it in combination with our experience to make your SAP project successful.

SAP Basis Administration
The daily control of the status of your SAP system landscape is one of the standard activities of SAP Basis operation. Within the scope of system checks, a wide range of system states is monitored and corrective action is coordinated. In addition, analysis reports are used to generate forecasts for the expected future load on your SAP and database servers, and a comparison is made with the available hardware resources.


SAP Operational support
We offer to relieve your SAP Basis team by handing over individual administration packages to us – permanently or to cover temporary staff shortages.

SAP operations management
Within the scope of SAP Basis operations management, we independently ensure the availability of your SAP system landscape. By proactively monitoring the system status, we eliminate problems before they disrupt system operation. We document any necessary adjustments to the SAP system landscape in your ITSM systems according to your specifications.
On weekdays, we are available by telephone from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to discuss your requirements.

SAP Basis on-call service
As a supplement to our normal office hours, we offer you the possibility of resolving production-critical faults within the framework of an on-call service. In addition to the classic 24×7 model, you can flexibly request any coverage you wish. Our pricing model provides for hourly billing of the on-call flat rate and the hours of operation incurred.

OS/DB Migrations

An SAP OS/DB migration involves the change of the operating system and/or the database product used.
The implementation is essentially based on an export of the data into a database-independent format and the subsequent import of the data into the target environment, which has been set up in advance.
In addition to the change of operating system or database, a character set conversion from non-Unicode to Unicode may also be required. The Unicode migration is technically identical to the OS/DB migration and can also be part of an OS/DB migration. However, additional preparatory work is necessary, which we will be happy to discuss with you and guide you through.

An OS/DB or a Unicode migration always requires a downtime of the SAP instance. In the case of extensive data inventories, the duration of a migration can extend over several days. In the course of a preliminary analysis, we will show you technical options that will help to keep your downtime as short as possible.

We work with you to determine any necessary rework for the migration and draw up a schedule. We are also happy to take over the implementation of the rework.

What is the cause, what is the effect?

The performance analysis and tuning of SAP systems is a complex topic due to the many components involved in and outside the SAP system. It is important to draw the right conclusions from the available information in order to avoid unnecessary costs or to increase the existing problem.
A structured approach to performance analysis is the basis for successful system tuning. We analyze sub-systems and infrastructure components of SAP systems step by step in order to identify the possible cause of the “poor” performance and then eliminate it in consultation with the customer.