AWS Adapter 1.0.1 Released – SQS & S3 Enhancements

The latest version of our AWS adapter for SAP PO brings you new features.

With the latest version you can subscribe to S3 event notifications with SAP PO. When an S3 object changes, is newly uploaded or deleted, SAP PO can receive this information through a sender channel.

The channel then generates a message that can be processed by SAP PO with all metadata and the content of the S3 object.
When an S3 object is deleted or lost (RRS/Onezone Storage), the adapter generates a message with all details about the deletion of the object.

Another excellent feature is the fixing of the 256 Kb payload limit for AWS SQS messages. Our new version of the adapter can also send and receive messages with a payload larger than 256 Kb. The messages are automatically saved as an S3 object and only a link to it is used as an SQS message (as recommended by AWS via Extended SDK extension).
A recipient of the message can then “pick up” the message using the S3 link.

The adapter enables this automatically without any further development effort.

For feature completeness, we also automatically support as new S3 storage options via channel configuration (One-Zone Infrequent and Intelligent tiering).

Keep it AWS(ome) with our AWS adapter for SAP PO!

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