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SAP Solution Manager
SAP Beratung
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Complete IT Performance with KaTeFrom Management Consulting to SAP Basis ServicesIt is essential for your business to have a trouble free SAP Landscape.

Practical Project Management & Auditing

Effective project management is the key to a company’s success. We concentrate on the essentials. We set standardised project methods such as ASAP (Accelerated SAP) or agile methods like the Waterfall approach for SAP implementation.We always base our approach on the framework of the Project Management Institute (PMI).
Form an image of our services and get deeper insight into selected projects.We will support you so that you can implement your projects efficiently.

SAP Consulting par Excellence

We offer consulting to your IT projects and to all technology and security related topics regarding your SAP system. Extensive experience in largescale projects, the biggest commitment, maximum flexibility and total independence are the characteristics of our consultants at KaTe.Thanks to our successful SAP consulting, our satisfied customers regard us as their most important SAP consultants.Our fully qualified SAP certified team dedicate themselves with passion to national and international companies of all sizes and industry.

Tailored SAP Basis Services

KaTe is one of the largest SAP outsourcing service providers in the German speaking world covering all relevant technologies and topics so that our customer can concentrate solely on the use of their SAP systems. Our SAP Basis Services fits perfectly like a glove, because we tailor it to your exact needs. Be it standard routines to relieve your IT staff or complex SAP migrations, you can draw on our extensive know-how. Anytime. Anywhere.Talk to us and you will be amazed at how we can optimize your SAP landscape and SAP Basis Services.

Keep it simple.
Keep it running.

With SAP Basis towards SuccessAs experts in the field of SAP Basis, we provide you with advice and practical help. Staying flexible and tailored to your individual needs, we provide solutions for your individual requirements.Nomen est omen. SAP Basis is the technical foundation of all SAP systems. It is the environment in which all your applications run in. In broadest sense it is comparable to a type of operating system. SAP Basis read the necessary information from the database and makes it available to the installed modules, the information is processed and finally displayed via a graphical user interface. SAP Basis therefore provides the “vital” functions in any SAP landscape. Any complication with Basis can lead to a downtime of your business processes, therefore along with our customers, our highest priority is the absolute stability of your SAP Basis system.The KaTe Expert Basis Team accompany you from conception phase, through the implementation phase, and finally to the goal of completely satisfied and successful end use.

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