SAP PO RESTful Adapter with OpenAPI 3.0 support

In addition to Swagger 2.0 (since 2017), our RESTful Adapter for SAP PO now also supports the Open API 3.0 specification (

The OpenAPI standard is the most widely used standard for describing public or private APIs, but unfortunately it is not directly supported by SAP PO.

Our adapter makes publishing APIs in OpenAPI format extremely easy and shields the developer from unnecessary and costly and error-prone configuration work such as path routing, JSON transformation and response handling. Only the actual API implementation with the usual SAP PO tools (mapping, routing) is then necessary.

Open API definitions can be used in an “API first” approach to generate the ISR interface. The adapter can provide an API via Swagger UI as OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) or OpenAPI 3.0 description for consumers, testers and developers.

APIs often change or are extended. Also on this you have a very easy update possibility by simply re-generating the interface and testing with the existing Swagger UI.

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