SAP PO AWS Adapter – advanced S3 archiving & encryption functions

With the 1.0.12 release of the AWS Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration, we support the following additional storage and security options.

Storage Archiving

With this release, we have also added Glacier and DeepArchive as storage types for PUT operations in receiver channels.

Additionally, the adapter supports a new polling mode for S3 sender channels. This allows S3 objects to be archived instead of deleted after processing. The S3 object can be moved to another bucket for archiving with a new storage type (e.g.: Glacier or DeepArchive or the standard storage types). With this we support 3 types of S3 channels:

  •  Polling and deletion of S3 objects after processing
  •  Polling and archiving of S3 objects after processing (New *)
  • Reacting to S3 events and processing the S3 object


We now support AWS KMS based key management for server side encryption in S3. With AWS KMS, custom keys can be managed and used for “At REST” encryption of S3 objects (instead of using AWS managed master keys).

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