Adapter for SAP CPI

Adapter for Cloud Integration (formerly SAP CPI)

SAP Cloud Integration as part of SAP Integration Suite is SAP’s new cloud-based “integration as a service platform” based on subcription. SAP Cloud Integration is especially interesting for cloud / Saas integration (cloud 2 on premise and cloud to cloud) and complements SAP’s integration portfolio with SAP PI/PO. As a SAP partner, we had the early possibility to participate in the limited Partner Adapter SDK beta program in 2015. The Adapter SDK enables customers and partners to extend the connectivity capabilities of SAP Cloud Integration. As a result, we are one of the first SAP partners in the market with a portfolio of 3rd party adapters for SAP Cloud Integration.

Pay what you use

All our adapters are subscription-licensed, which greatly simplifies usage on a project level or for limited use cases.

Pay what you use

All of our adapters are subscription licensed, which simplifies use at the project level or in limited use cases.

30 Day Trial

All our adapters are available for a 30-day trial period.

Verified SAP Partners

All our adapters are developed in close cooperation with SAP and our verified SAP experts.

KaTe Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration

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