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Kafka Adapter for SAP PO

Apache Kafka is a popular open source project for processing event driven data streams based on a transaction log.

Kafka clusters are often used in Big Data projects that value the combination of fault tolerance, high scalability and durability, and low latency when processing real-time data streams.

The Kafka Adapter for PO allows you to integrate your SAP landscape with Apache Kafka.

Our current version supports: 

  • Publishing PO messages as Kafka records
  • Subscribing of Kafka records as PO messages from 1..n topics.
  • Reading from beginning to end, or any position in Kafka streams. 
  • Filtering records by key, headers and body elements (xpath, jsonpath or expression based) to minimize load on SAP PO
  • Payload Transformation between XML and JSON, XML and AVRO, including AVRO and JSON
  • Support of freestyle Avro schemes sowie Avro scheme registries (for example on or self hosted)
  • Common security options like PLAIN, PLAIN_SASL, SASL_SSL, SASL-Plain/SASL-SCRAM as well as client certificate authentication.
  • Dynamic Kafka record header reading and writing
  • Reading and writing of dynamic topic/partition or key information 
  • Deduplication of already processed Kafka data records via XI deduplication 
  • Message Batching, merge many Kafka Records into one SAP PO Message

The adapter works completely only with SAP PO on-board means for configuration or monitoring and does not require external tools for certificate management or AVRO schemas.

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