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KaTe styx.JAS for SAP

With the introduction of NetWeaver into the SAP system landscape, JAVA applications are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a single sign-on solution is not only relevant for the ABAP stack. With our solution styx.JAS we offer you an integration of your J2EE engines (e.g. Process Integration, Solution Manager, Portal, etc.) into the Single-Sign-On scenario.

The procedure

For the implementation, we use the tools that SAP has delivered in the standard since the JAVA Stack Release 6.40. Kerberos authentication is performed using the simple and protected GSS API negotiation mechanism (SPNego), which is integrated in the JAAS login module SPNegoLoginModule.

After the first call of an application in the JAVA stack, the web browser receives the response code 401 (unauthorized) and the value “WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate” as a response, after which it obtains an SPNego token from the Key Distribution Center (KDC). The SPNego login module decrypts the token and checks its accuracy and the availability of a corresponding SAP user. If the check is positive, access to the application is granted without entering a password.

Explaining styx.JAS

With the authentication at the JAVA Stack a SAP Logon Ticket is issued. By configuring a trust relationship between the JAVA stack and an ABAP backend system, a single sign-on for applications of the integrated ITS can be realized.

KaTe style.GUI

KaTe styx.JAS

JAVA and web-based applications of the integrated ITS

  • User satisfaction

    High user satisfaction through easy registration

  • No password chaos

    Avoid a password chaos caused by a variety of SAP systems and clients

  • Cost reduction

    Less password resets relief the Helpdesk and also reduce costs.

  • Increased Security

    Security is increased through considering LDAP (for example Active Directory) as an admission control.

  • Clear configuration

    An installation of extra client-software with its own registration process is not required.

  • Fast implementation

    Achieve efficiency goals more easily and quickly with the introduction of self-services.