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SAP Sybase

Our independent consulting and services around SAP relational database management offer you significant benefits. With the KaTe team as your partner you have all crucial advantages. Starting with a complete status analysis and evaluation, consulting on the optimal system architecture, up to the implementation, migration, operation of your databases.

Consulting and migration related to the SAP Sybase database suite

Our skill team helps you right from the start and guides you safely through all necessary steps. This way, we ensure customized and consistent support throughout the entire implementation phase and support you during ongoing operation.

At first, we determine directly with you how the database system can best be integrated into your existing SAP landscape.

We take care of the professional migration during the implementation of the SAP database. We have gained a lot of experience over the years and have mastered this area from many successful migrations. With our best-practice know-how we will guide you safely through the migration.

The SAP Sybase portfolio at a glance: 

SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

Extreme transaction processing and data management

  • Optimal availability of applications with extreme transaction processing and high scalability thanks to high-performance database platform 
  • Millions of transactions per minute with consistent response time
  • Increased resilience thanks to leading cluster technologies and automatic management options
  • Reduction of running costs thanks to more efficient hardware utilization, data compression and automatic optimization functions 

SAP Sybase IQ

Big Data Management and Analytics Engine

  • Rapid analysis and processing of large data sets with native MapReduce API
  • Hadoop integration and integrated text analytics capabilities
  • Optimierter Analyse-Server SAP Sybase IQ
  • 100x accelerated ad-hoc queries thanks to column-oriented technology
  • Analyze structured and unstructured data on the same platform
  • Utilize standard hardware thanks to high data compression

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere

Mobile data management

  • Database-driven custom applications that automatically synchronize your data with mobile devices and remote locations
  • Secure harmonization of data without administrative effort
  • Targeted access permissions anywhere, anytime and with any device
  • Automatic distribution and fast application development rollouts
  • All leading computing platforms are supported

SAP Sybase Replication Server

Data Replication

  • Replication and synchronization of Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM database transactions
  • Powerful data delivery across the enterprise
  • Move, distribute, synchronize and migrate data
  • Bidirectional synchronization between heterogeneous databases
  • Distributed disaster recovery
    Real-time reporting without impacting the production system
  • Non-disruptive data migration path

SAP Sybase PowerDesigner

Enterprise modeling

  • Dynamic mapping of company and IT structure, business processes, technical components and data, and their relationships to each other
  • Optimization potential with industry-leading techniques for modeling, impact analysis, design-time change management, and metadata management
  • Increased overall productivity by aligning IT systems with business needs
  • Open support for heterogeneous environments
  • Define standards and comply with regulatory requirements thanks to SAP Sybase PowerDesigner
  • Simplified implementation of complex enterprise architectures
  • Increased flexibility in impact analysis with Link & Sync technology


SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

  • Speed up the development and use of your applications
  • Analyze large amounts of streaming data in real time
  • Customized business logic to filter, correlate, and aggregate business events
  • Automated responses to changing conditions
  • Customized alerts and warnings for defined intervention situations
  • Better decisions thanks to event data processed in real time