SAP Services

SAP Remote Managed Service

Your SAP system landscapes in the Remote Managed Service

SAP Remote Managed Service means KaTe takes care of everything. The KaTe SAP Basis team monitors and maintains the most complex SAP systems for international corporations, as well as many mid-sized companies. Thanks to highly accurate work and reliability, we have built a great trust among our customers.

Either we are working for the SAP Maintenance tasks in the offices of our customers, or we perform the activities from our office.

The deployment of the KaTe SAP Basis Team has shown that clients have been able to relax to a certain extent. Thanks to KaTe, our customers can now calmly face any unexpected incident. They trust our SAP Basis experts, who are experienced in handling even critical situations.

Main activities of the SAP Basis Remote Service

Remote SAP Basis Support

  • Handling of daily SAP business
  • Monitoring of the SAP system landscape
  • Troubleshooting and fault elimination
  • Backup, Restore & Disaster Recovery

Remote execution of projects

  • SAP Installations
  • SAP Release switch and EHP
  • SAP Support Package Upgrade
  • Data base migrations
  • Version maintenance of the database system