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SAP HANA – In Memory Platform

 SAP’s new in-memory platform HANA is currently a very important topic to talk about. SAP HANA promises to be a milestone in data processing and data analytics. Its ability to be built as a Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) increases flexibility for SAP’s interested customers.

With HANA, SAP has introduced a database technology to the market that has the potential to break new ground in the development of business applications and will significantly change the business world.

It is no longer necessary to integrate an appliance into the company’s own data center.

Business data in real time

The unstoppable flood of data is reaching nearly all companies, regardless of their industry. Data and storage sizes for operational and analytical applications are increasing. Thanks to direct access to (database) data in RAM (in-memory computing), historical key figures and trend indicators can be combined with current data sources for prognostic analysis. Abrupt changes are instantly visible and would not even be evident with the old database technology.





  • High Speed

    The in-memory technology (the computer's RAM) is considerably faster than any access to the storage compared to the hard disk.

  • Easy Implementation

    HANA does not require any specific or special preparations.

  • Real-time instant access

    Instant access to the most current data, on all levels on every end device.

  • Big Data

    HANA is one of the most efficient big data solutions.

HANA Competence

With our experience from implementation projects, KaTe is the ideal partner for your entrance into HANA technology.

Arrange an appointment with us and we will present our services in detail:

  • Testing infrastructure and hardware with the help of SAP standard tools.

  • Installation of HANA systems, as well as additional components required for your implementation, such as business objects, data services, client tools, etc..

  • Construction of an operating concept, start-up and connection to Solution Manager.

  • Integration into your transport landscape using CTS+.

  • Customized training for your employees.

HANA from the entrepreneur’s point of view

  • Secure planning
    Real-time reporting and analysis results produce a clear summary of company-wide developments.
  • Forecasts
    Split-second analysis, evaluation and immediate changes to your business data and metrics help you identify future business requirements.
  • Cost reduction
    HANA ensures data compression. Hence with the lower storage requirements, you can reduce the complexity and scale of your IT landscape.
  • Profit Optimization
    SAP HANA allows you new opportunities to align your product assortment and placement with current sales and inventory data. Take advantage of sales opportunities and avoid late-reported shortages.

A quantum leap ahead with SAP HANA

HANA database technology is a fusion of different technologies. The software side a hybrid is used, which utilizes both the column-oriented mode of operation from in-memory database technology and unites it with the row-oriented database technology common in relational databases. A normal database stores data in row-store format, like an Excel spreadsheet, for example, stores data in rows and columns. An in-memory computing database, on the other hand, stores its data in column-store format.

On the hardware side, the main memory of the computer is replaced by the CPU cache, and the (hard) disk memory is replaced by the main memory. The outcome being significantly faster access times. These performance advantages are as revolutionary as the transition from punch cards to fast hard disks.

Instead of generating analyses in hours of batch runs, you now receive your data in real time. Just think about the advantages for your business.