SAP Consulting

SAP Consulting

SAP Consulting

Regardless of whether it is a new SAP system build that is needed, a migration, further development or additional components, or to move a whole SAP system from one country to another. Whether you want a new database or to change over to a new operating system.

You can be assured that we have implemented nearly everything imaginable for our
customers and will gladly present the best options for your company.

Experienced SAP Experts

Certified professional staff are available throughout the duration of the project with advice
and help.

SAP Consulting for the Entire Lifecycle

Planning & Design
Design & architecture
Hardware, operating system, database
System-layout und hardware-sizing
SAP HANA preparation (hardware-check und implementation)
Capacity planning
Classical (physical) or virtual installation
Hosting or its own operation
System monitoring

Configuration and use of the SAP Solution Manager
Installation of SAP products
Troubleshooting and emergency measures
Backup, restore and recovery
Transportation management
Importing SAP notes

Troubleshooting and emergency measures
Backup, restore and recovery
Transportation management
System copies
Review and install security updates (SAP System Recommendations)
Database management
Audit support
Performance tuning

Upgrades & Migration
Patches and enhancement packages
Security updates
Version upgrades
Changing the Operating System
Installation of version upgrades or new releases
System copies
Database migration, for example on SAP HANA and Sybase
System relocation (to another data center)
Homogeneous system copies

Your Benefits

  • Our Expertise

    Due to our (not always easily gained) experience in top international corporations you will profit
    immensely from our know-how knowledge transfer.

  • Our Flexibility

    Our resources and our know-how is available whenever required from our customers.

  • Predictable Costs

    Right from the beginning our price structures are transparent and plannable thanks to
    our service records.