SAP Consulting

SAP Basis Training

SAP Basis Training already starts at the very beginning of your project. Starting with a precise documentation of our work. We involve your internal employees from the very beginning.

We are transparent and open. It is not part of our philosophy to make us irreplaceable to you. For a long-term partnership we consider this to be natural.

Individual trainings

In addition to project-based training, we offer individually prepared training courses on the following topics:

  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Security
  • SAP System Management
  • SAP Workload Analysis
  • SAP Sybase
  • Oracle DB Administration

Professionals for professionals

Our SAP Basis trainings and courses originate from our practical work in companies. All SAP Basis trainings for system administration and administrators are conducted by SAP certified experts who know what they are talking about since they mainly realize SAP projects with our customers.

The SAP course content is taught directly with the SAP system.

The SAP System Administration training series are aligned with the roles that occur in your work environment or company.

SAP Administration I

This SAP training covers the introduction/basics of SAP administration.  The fundamental functions of SAP systems are taught. You learn the most important administrative tasks, such as user administration and roles, SAP data transport system, security in SAP environments, administrative background tasks and system monitoring.

SAP Administration II

This advanced SAP administration training course provides security for in-depth administration tasks on your SAP system. For example, SAP administration with WebAS with ABAP and Java, system configuration and system updates, importing patches and corrections, and updating users and authorizations. Furthermore, the program includes the setup of printers, knowledge of system security and system monitoring as well as transport functions. Not to forget the help system and data backup in your SAP systems.

SAP Security for Administrators

The SAP Security for Administrators training block covers the basics of security when using SAP systems. Participants receive training in basic security measures in the form of prevention and monitoring.

SAP Authorization concept

The SAP Authorization Concept training provides a fundamental overview of the SAP authorization concept. The goal is to understand the authorization concept and the ability to define individual authorization profiles. SAP’s delivered roles and profile generator are used for this purpose.

SAP Netweaver – BI Authorization concept

In the SAP NetWeaver BI Authorization Concept lesson, the training participant will be familiarized with the authorization functions of the SAP Business Information Warehouse. The differences between the authorization concept for ERP systems and the authorization concept for NetWeaver BI are taught.

SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology

The SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology part of the course covers the basic areas of use and properties of the various integration technologies. Interrelationships between the integration technologies, Web Services, ALE, BAPI, Process Integration, Web Application Server are taught. Further contents are the basic communication technologies: IDoc, RFC, http and SOAP.