SAP Services

SAP Basis Support & Monitoring

Many of our customers have recognized that the trouble-free availability of their SAP systems is a crucial success factor in their business. That is why they have chosen the KaTe SAP Basis Support to ensure that their business processes run smoothly.

KaTe SAP Basis Support ensures that your SAP system does what it is supposed to do: Work for you!

  • Handling of SAP day-to-day business such as administration, maintenance and configuration of your SAP systems
  • Monitoring of SAP system landscapes through regular system checks according to defined time and process plans
  • Troubleshooting and fault elimination
  • Backup/restore and disaster recovery
  • Proactive and continuous optimization of system availability and performance
  • Standardized and best-practice processes, tailored to your IT infrastructure


KaTe works with the best practices collection ITIL and models with SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager fulfills all ITIL-relevant specifications that are necessary for high-quality IT service management.

SAP Security Audit & Monitoring

The Security Audit Log (SAL) is one of the most important elements when it comes to security in your SAP landscape. With SAL critical and security relevant activities in SAP systems can be recorded and evaluated. The settings in the SAL are relevant for secure continuous operation.

KaTe takes over the setup of the monitoring system as well as the monitoring of your SAP systems.

SAP Security Monitoring by KaTe

As the responsible administrator for countless SAP systems, we at KaTe implement a SAL configuration that has proven itself as “best practice” with our major customers and the SAP Community Network (SCN), taking into account the DSAG testing guidelines in everyday SAP use.

Setting up SAP monitoring

Implementation of the Security Audit Log (SAL)

  • Analysis and reflection of the existing system configuration
  • Clarification and preparation of measures for the use of the security audit log
  • Definition of general system parameters
    Adjustment of the filter configuration to the customer system
  • Implementation of configurations in the system

Configuration of email notifications

  • Activation of the email function for all events in the Security Audit Log
  • Customizing of notifications according to customer requirements

Documentation and briefing

  • Creation of quick reference guides for end users and administrators
  • Creation of final documentation and handover

ITIL stands for The IT Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a summary of “best practices” rules for professional implementation of IT service management. ITIL has established itself as an international standard in the area of IT business processes. The ITIL set of rules describes the processes, the organizational structure and the tools required for IT infrastructure. ITIL is based on the economic added value that IT operations can provide for the company. itSMF Germany e. V. has further developed and improved these standards, and at the same time operates a portal for exchanging knowledge and experience.