Adapter for SAP PI/PO

KaTe RESTful Adapter

The increased use of the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), and mobile devices and their integration with Web APIs and REST services is currently a major challenge.

REST services are based on formats such as JSON, XML and Atom Pub and are made available using hyperlinks and HTTP methods.

Our RESTful Adapter provides you with an advantage in publishing REST services & APIs using SAP Process Integration/Orchestration to integrate SAP and non-SAP systems or BPMN processes.

The RESTful adapter also supports the OpenaPI 3.0 and Swagger 2.0 API description formats for sender and receiver channels.


The advantages of the RESTful Adapter
  • Integration

    Integration of any REST service from cloud and SaaS providers.

  • Web & Mobile Connection

    Deploy existing SOA services and integration scenarios as a REST service for public or internal use through lightweight web applications and mobile devices.

  • No complex programming

    Avoid costly custom programming by simplifying the integration of hyperlinks and web forms into your BPMN processes.

Core technical funcitons:
  • Native support for OpenAPI 3.0 and Swagger 2.0 as an API “first” approach to publishing and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Full-featured testing capabilities to call / build / test and publish web APIs with an interactive console “like a web developer” (OpenAPI, API console or WADL for published PO service)
  • Support for existing open Identity management solutions based on JWT/Oauth2 (KeyCloak, Azure AD, Aut0, etc) for APIs published on SAP PO
  • Supports all typical API authentication mechanisms (SSL/Oauth2/OAuth1, Digest, Basic, NTLM 1/2).
  • First class support for introduced data formats (XML / JSON conversion)
  • Flexible mapping of HTTP return codes in case of errors, exceptions or reactions
  • Support of typical website technologies for the transition to interface automation (file upload/form & multipart posting, hyperlinks)
  • Open API 3.0 and 2.0 (Swagger 2.0) Support
  • Runs with SAP PI 7.1/7.11/7.3, SAP PO 7.31/7.4/7.5 and higher
  • SAP certified
  • Builds on SAP’s Adapter Framework with full support for monitoring/configuration
Proven & diverse experience

Our RESTful adapter is used in many demanding customer installations and helps to successfully integrate REST APIs and SaaS providers like

  • Salesforce -API (REST-API with PATCH Methode and OAuth2)
  • Mailchimp API (JSON / Newsletter with attachments and dynamic contents)
  • Sharepoint -REST-API with NTLMv2
  • ConcurAPI (Extract costs and update data / OAuth2)
  • Basecamp API (Access to objects for project management ) 
  • Twilio Shortmessage API
  • JIRA JSON API (Creating / reading tickets / tasks, etc.)
  • LinkedIn API (oAuth1) and many others
  • POST, PUT and PATCH with attachments (Multi Part Request)
This is how convenient and secure our REST Adapter is

This is how you build the bridge between the new world of Web APIs and your existing processes. To do this, use the familiar design and configuration environment of SAP Process Integration and avoid complicated workarounds. This results in a fast standardized implementation, increased transparency and a lower TCO.

Publishing REST Services with the Sender Adapter

Calling REST Services with the Receiver Adapter