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SAP Process Orchestration

Most IT landscapes grow historically and practically always heterogeneously. This inevitably leads to the need for many interfaces. Either these are solved as point-to-point connections or linked by middleware solutions that are not always optimal. In this way, more and more interfaces build up that are difficult to administer or maintain. The adjustments of these connections are always associated with high costs.

With the help of the SAP PO component, SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, SAP has created a communication platform with which you can keep all your data transfer under one roof. Our employees have been working with PO (or formerly PI/XI) since 2004 and have successfully contributed to its implementation in numerous projects.

SAP NetWeaver PO is ideal for implementing both internal and cross-company integration projects. Process Orchestration links systems from different vendors (non-SAP and SAP). SAP NetWeaver PO relies on an open architecture and utilizes open standards (especially from the XML and Java world).  SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration enables harmonious interaction, which has become indispensable in a heterogeneous and complex system landscape.

Our strengths for this lie in:

  • the conception and implementation

  •  performance optimization

  • automated alerting in  error situations

  • interface design and development

PO Training

With reference to your system landscape, we offer customized training for your employees.

Advantages of SAP Netweaver Process Integration

  • Future-proof interfaces

    Future-oriented standards (e.g. XML) and the simplified connection of external systems with the help of adapters such as File, HTTP/S, SOAP, WS- or JDBC.

  • From a single cast

    Flexible design of company-wide and cross-company business processes. Existing and future SAP components can be easily integrated.

  • Overarching monitoring

    Integration processes can be monitored end-to-end via integrated and central monitoring.

The KaTe SAP Basis team is your guarantee when it comes to professional support for your SAP Process Integration.

Thanks to our highly experienced SAP Basis experts, who have become accustomed to a wide variety of problem situations through their work in companies of all sizes and industries as well as having a large number of solution strategies at their disposal, there is no need for you to worry about any issues.

What is SAP Process Integration?

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (called SAP PI for short) is a software package that enables data exchange between SAP and third-party systems. SAP PI is a component of SAP NetWeaver.

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration enables the integration of the following use cases:

  • Data exchange with B2B partners
    If you want to connect applications and softwares of your business partners with your own system landscape. It does not matter whether these scenarios are subject to industry standards or not.
  • Data exchange within SAP
    The exchange of data and applications running on your SAP systems, including the processing of actions via the BAM infrastructure. (Business Activity Monitoring).
  • Data exchange with third-party applications
    Third-party applications within your IT and system landscape.
  • Data exchange with non-SAP middleware
    Third-party middleware systems required for intra- and inter-enterprise applications.

Functional range of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration

SAP NetWeaver PI includes the following main functions:

  • Enterprise Services Repository & Registry 
    Enterprise Services Repository (ES Repository)with metadata for application modeling and specification.
    Services Registry for registering, finding and using services based on UDDI 3.0
  • Functions for the design
    Configuration and execution of integration process (Process Automation) for stateful message exchange on the Integration Server.
  • BAM infrastructure (Business Activity Monitoring)
    Handling of events from application systems in integration processes.
  • Service Bus
    For all functions required for message exchange in a heterogeneous system landscape.
    Connectivity functions to control and operate different protocols of sender and receiver.
    Reliable messaging functions for the reliable processing of messages.
  • Infrastructure Services
    SAP NetWeaver PI applications run on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (ABAP and Java).