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Cloud Platform Integration

 SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) is an integration platform hosted by SAP to complete a variety of integration setups directly from the cloud as a source. SAP Cloud Platform Integration’s appealing advantage is that the customer is able to start implementing the project immediately. SAP must only provide the system for the customer. 

Another advantage of SAP Cloud Platform Integration is that it does not require any customization on the customer side. CPI can be accessed using a normal web browser.

SAP CPI is an open WebService and provides API’s to integrate non-SAP systems with each other. However, the power of CPI is clearly to integrate SAP systems in hybrid scenarios.

For the adaptation of existing – or the development of personal – integration procedures, the development environment Eclipse is currently required.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is SAP’s new iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) offering for cloud to cloud and cloud / in-house integration.

CPI runs hosted on SAP’s own cloud platform or popular IaaS cloud providers (like AWS, Azure, GCP or Alibaba) and allows integration of SAP’s cloud offerings with in-house SAP applications using pre-built integration content bundles. These bundles can be obtained online from SAP’s API Hub

Cloud Platform Integration
  • Cost savings

    Inexpensive cost structure without hidden extra costs

  • Pre-defined integration processes

    Selected integration processes for the integration of important business objects.

  • Documentation

    SAP HCI offers a wide amount of documentation and integration guides.

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    Integration processes are displayed graphically and can be modeled.