Adapter for SAP CPI

KaTe AWS Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration

The AWS Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration (formerly SAP CPI – SAP Cloud Platform Integration) enables you to connect the most important AWS APIs with your SAP system landscape. This allows you to use SAP Integration Suite with typical best practices & services of AWS.

Our current version of the adapter supports:

We are currently working on other AWS features.

Detailed features:

  • Calling AWS Lambda functions (synchronous & asynchronous) from SAP Cloud Integration
  • Receive SQS messages with cost-efficient long polling.
  • Sending and receiving SQS and SNS messages with payloads larger than 256 kB.
  • Reading and writing of all message “Properties” in SQS and SNS, as well as End2End FiFo (first in first out) ordering
  • Send RAW and receiver optimized SNS messages to a large number of different recipients such as AWS Lambda, HTTP(s), email, SMS recipients and smartphones.
  • Support for XML, JSON or other payloads
  • Saving, reading and deleting data on S3
  • Subscribing to S3 event notifications for detecting new, modified, lost (RRS/Onezone), or deleted S3 objects.
  • Use S3 transfer features for huge up and download of files
  • Support for all storage and encryption variants and lifecycle options in AWS S3
  • Subscribe and publish AWS Eventbridge events from SAP Cloud Integration with all supported or self-defined event types (on the generic or custom event bus, such as: from third-party SaaS providers).
  • Subscribe and publish AWS Cloudwatch events from SAP Cloud Integration with all available or custom event types.
  • Subscribe to DynamoDB Stream Events
  • Create / Read / Update /Delete /Scan or Query Dynamo DB tables
  • Publish and Subscribe events to AWS Kinesis Data Streams or AWS Kinesis Data Firehose as XML or JSON